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Apartment living has never been more popular – no least due to rocketing house prices – but one important aspect flat owners should continually question is whether they are getting value for money from their management company, or if someone else do it better?

This is exactly what the owners of St James Heights in Bexhill did before appointing Eastbourne-based Cable Rock after being badly let down over a number of year by their previous management company. Not only were the block’s services and grounds being poorly managed but bills were pouring in without proper evidence of the work being done.


When the freehold landlord declined to change the management company, Roy Smith and a number of other flat owners decided they would take matters into their own hands by establishing the Right to Manage (RTM) so they could determine themselves how their homes should be best managed.

To do this, they called on the help of the team at Cable Rock who helped steer them through the whole process and the RTM company was finally established in April of this year. After years of mismanagement, Cable Rock worked hard to ensure that the apartment blocks met all the health and safety requirements and that all the essential services were all put back into full working order. Furthermore, the gardens, which had been left unkempt for some time, were tackled and are now regularly tendered. Vitally, records are now kept and the owners receive regular information on budgets.

“Now that Cable Rock is on board, St James Heights has, once again, become a lovely place to live”, enthused Roy Smith.

“Bills are already smaller and, as time goes on, we anticipate seeing even further savings. More importantly, Cable Rock thankfully are now delivering us value for money and we couldn’t be happier with the service they are providing”, added Roy.

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